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Professional Painting Services

Are you looking for professional industrial and commercial painting services? At Stripmasters Services, Inc. we provide you with professional painting services. Contact us today if you have any questions or queries.

 •  Two paint booths with spray and bake units

 •  20'x60' AFC downdraft booth, spray, and cure

 •  14'x35' component booth, spray, and cure

 •  New product or re-work welcomed


Wet paint services

1. Inbound freight:

- Inbound freight hits our dock

- Product is inspected for any visible damage

- Pictures taken and documentation of any visible signs of

  damage during transport upon arrival


2. Off load from truck and the product is placed in pre-

  staging area:

- Product unloaded and placed in pre-staging area

- 2nd inspection of product, review attached paper work for


- Everything to this point is then documented and sent into

  the office


3. Moved from pre-staging to production:

- Product now moved from pre-staging to production for

  prep for pre-treat

- Paperwork once again inspected for instructions

- Product now washed and dried and sent on to be prepped


4. Product prepped:

- Product once again inspected for cleanliness and to ensure

  they are dry before final prep

- Product is now plugged and masked per instructions on

  attached paperwork

- Product sent to be primed and painted


5. Product primed and painted:

- Product is once again inspected to ensure all required areas

  have been properly plugged and masked

- Product is primed

- Product is painted

- Product is inspected for quality and proper coverage

- Sent to final stage


6. Product is unplugged, unmasked, inspected, and sent to post staging for outbound shipping:

- Product has both plugs and masking removed

- Threaded and machined areas inspected for any potential


- Product is now moved to post staging, paperwork re-

  attached, and staged for outbound shipping

- Product is reloaded back onto outbound carrier for delivery

  back to SSC

Process for paint work

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Certified painters and powder coaters through PPG.

Dupont PPG


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